The Physically Challenged Children's Committee (PCCC) is a Non-Governmental Organisation which was founded in 1954 by Sir Etienne Dupuch, Editor of the Tribune. Sir Etienne realised the need for assistance to children with crippling conditions arising from polio or other causes. He advertised for help in his newspaper and received very generous support. He then invited community-minded persons to serve on a Committee to raise funds for all physically-challenged children in The Bahamas in need of help.

Orthopedic Surgeons and Brace-Makers visited Nassau twice yearly from Miami offering their services free of charge, with the PCCC paying for travel, living expenses, prostheses and, when necessary, for the travel of patients to Miami for needed surgery.

In 1972 Sir Etienne gave up his involvement with the Committee, and the Ministry of Health, in recognition of the important work done by the Committee and wishing it to continue, appointed a Fund-raising Committee chaired by Mrs. Shirley Oakes-Butler.

A Professional Committee was also formed, chaired by Dr. G. F. Duffy, followed by Dr. Al Liverpool, Dr. Linelle Haddox-Gordon, Dr. Willard Thompson and presently by Dr. Patrick Whitfield.

General Chairpersons over the years are as follows:
Sir Etienne Dupuch 1954 - 1973
Mrs. Shirley Oakes-Butler 1973 - 1983
Mrs. Beryl Hanna 1983 - 1988
Mr. Patrick Erskine-Lindop 1988 - 1991
Mr. Harold Longley 1991 to 2002
and presently Mr. Bismark Coakley